Blur sharpening technique

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Blur sharpening technique

There are many methods in Photoshop where you could enhance your photographs to look more sharper like shake reduction,sharpen more,start sharpen, unsharp mask.
I have tried most of these but was not satisfied with these options.




A few months back I came across a new technique to sharpen the image. I made few changes to that and used it in my post production workflow. Since then I’m using this technique in my post processing workflow. Sometimes I also use unsharp mask on top of it to add some punch.




For the first time it might take a some practice for you adapt this method but after that it’s quiet easy to work with.


1: Merge all the layers: Select the top most visible layer and press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E(in windows) or Command-Option-Shift-E(in mac). this will merge all the visible layers into one layer and put it in top of the layer you selected. Rename this layer to L1.

2: Duplicate the layer:  Press Ctrl+J or Command+J to duplicate the layer. Rename this layer to L2_vivid.



3: Create a group:  Select both of these layer and press Ctrl+G or Command+G. This will create the group of these two layers. Rename this group to “Sharpen” or something you like.


4: Change the blending mode of this group to “Overlay” and blending mode of layer L2_vivid to “vivid Light”

mkanyaldotcom-mayankkanyal-bangalore-fashionbangalore-editorial-photography-best-catalog-ecommerse-23 mkanyaldotcom-mayankkanyal-bangalore-fashionbangalore-editorial-photography-best-catalog-ecommerse-24


5:  Invert the L2_vivid by selecting that layer and pressing Ctrl-I or Command-I


6: Sharpen with Surface blur: Select the layer “L2_vivid” and go to Menu -> Filter -> Blur-> Surface blur.




Keep the values small like Radius: 8-10 Threshold: 6-8



Now you  can toggle on/off the group “Sharpen” to see the difference. If you think it is too much Sharpe  just reduce the Opacity of this layer.





This method is something I prefer and something I like to use on my photographs.


mkanyaldotcom-mayankkanyal-bangalore-fashionbangalore-editorial-photography-best-catalog-ecommerse-335 mkanyaldotcom-mayankkanyal-bangalore-fashionbangalore-editorial-photography-best-catalog-ecommerse-334 mkanyaldotcom-mayankkanyal-bangalore-fashionbangalore-editorial-photography-best-catalog-ecommerse-333 mkanyaldotcom-mayankkanyal-bangalore-fashionbangalore-editorial-photography-best-catalog-ecommerse-332 mkanyaldotcom-mayankkanyal-bangalore-fashionbangalore-editorial-photography-best-catalog-ecommerse-331



If you have any more tips to make image more sharper? Share your comments below now!