8 points to keep in mind while “Location Scouting”

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8 points to keep in mind while “Location Scouting”

Location scouting is one of the most essential part of shooting on location. The location can often make or break an image, so finding a great one for your clients is a big deal.

8 points to keep in mind while “Location Scouting”

1: Color Palette:

Color Palette is to bring about an idea to make your chosen location look more creative. You can surly scout for the compositions / frames that you would like to use while your final shooting.

2: Strong Backdrops:

Scouting for some strong backdrops, doors or any other compositions, to create an engaging image, would save time on the day of the shoot.


3. Lighting

To make the best use of the natural lighting, its very essential to scout for the time of your location decided for your shoot.

4: Interaction with Local People

Location scouting is a perfect opportunity to know the people around and get comfortable with the location.


5: Special Needs:

Apart from this you can also check if you need any extra modifier or extra lights required for photoshoot.

6: Food and Water:

While location scouting its very important to check resources for food and water. If they are not available, its always better to carry food and water for the crew at the shoot.

7: Electricity point availability

One should make sure to check for the availability of the electricity points. If nothing found, make sure you have backup batteries available for your Camera and Lights to complete the shoot.

8: Create a Library

It might come to the understanding that after scouting you feel the location chosen is not very appropriate for the upcoming photoshoot, but somewhere this location might be useful in your future shoots. For that purpose start creating a Library of the locations. This will surly help and save time in your future projects.

9: Bonus Tip 🙂

If you are in a different city or if you don’t have a budget to hire – Location Scouts and Location Managers, you can request your friend or a local photographer to scout the location for you on your behalf and later one can mail you the photographs or videos of the location for you to decide further on.

Carrying your DSLR is not necessary. You can use your smart phone to photograph while scouting.(Phone inbuilt GPS would be very useful for this purpose.)

But please be careful with your shutter, taking 400-500 pictures of one single location would take up all the space on your photo library of your phone.

Purpose for this “Location Scouting” is to gather  all the information like contact information, availability, photographs and notes etc.  You’re going to thank yourself later.


Do you have any more tips to make location scouting more interesting? Share your comments below now!