organization and backup of your images

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organization and backup of your images

Photo-Shoots have always been an exciting experience, but the process to get it all organised could be tedious at times!
So, here’s an article I would like to share from my experience at a photo-shoots, on how to be more organised and having the right backup of all your data while you are shooting and after the shoot.

Here’s how :-

While shooting:

A: Different folders
Often when I shoot for editorials/catalogs, the most important thing I take into consideration is to be well organised and find an efficient way of tracking the images/videos captured. And the best way to organise the styles was, placing every style/look in different folders on my camera. This definitely eased my work and gave a good track on the styles clicked and for the ones I yet had to click. This process made the flow of the shoot much easier for later stages of shooting.


1: You can use the bar code reader to rename the folders.

2:While you shoot you can also seletc the final photographs from the total photographs you have clicked.



B: Backup while you continue shooting.

The next process to being organized was to have a back up of all that I shot. Taking a back-up while shooting was another task but kept it simple by transferring the data onto my drive after every 8-10 looks.mayankkanyal-organization-backup-sync-cf-hd

I continued this process right till the end of the shoot.


1: Make sure not to delete anything from my memory card as this saved me an extra copy of the data shot. Now I didn’t have to worry about keeping a track on all that’s been shot, it was already in place.

C: One portable drive
By the end of the shoot, I backup the entire data on one portable drive which I usually carry along with me on shoots.


1: I also request the clients to bring their own portable drive, so that they could also leave with a copy of the entire shoot too.

2 : Once Shoot is over:

A: Working drive
Once the shoot is over I copy the entire shoot in my working drive which is connected to the main system.

B : And copy one in the backup drive
Everyday at 7pm I run our backup tool to update all backup drives.

With this the article comes to an end. If the article has helped you get your workflow at a shoot more organized, do share your story below. You could also get in touch with me if you have any questions by a reply below or email me at

Happy Shooting!